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Summer English Courses For Children

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Turkish-American Association

English Summer Courses For Ages 7-17

Schools are closed, summer vacation has started! If you want your children to learn English by speaking and have fun at the same time during this summer period, turn the summer vacation into an opportunity with the Turkish-American Association 7 to 17-year-old online or face-to-face English courses!

About the Curriculum and Content

Summer term English programs that your children can take a 40-day/120-hour English education between the dates of July 10, 2023 and September 4, 2023 consists of 4 different 10-day terms. 

Terms are not repetitive.

Our 7-17 age group summer English course, outlined and planned with Microsoft Office 365 Classroom Notebook suitable for all ages and levels, consists of 39 different topics and a new and different topic is taught every day in the program. 

You can participate in the program for 10 days (1 Term/30 hours), 20 days (2 Terms/40 hours) or more depending on your choice, therefore, you can create your own summer English program.

Lessons take place every week day between 14:00 – 16:35.

Our students who take 3 hours of interactive English every day will not only improve their English Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing skills but also get to improve skills such as critical and creative thinking, understanding effective communication, researching, problem solving, decision making and learning technology literacy with the course content designed to provide 21st century skills.

Who Can Join, Registration Process, Course Fee

Students aged 7-17 that are at least (A2) Elementary and above can participate in this program.

Students aged 7-8 at the (A1) Beginner level can participate in Intensive Summer English Program.

Our classes are formed according to both the ages and English levels of our students. English Speaking skills play a major role in the student’s group placement. 

The student who will enroll in English Summer Courses for Ages 7-17 must take one of the 7 to 8 year-old9 to 12-year-old or 13 to 17-year-old English Placement Test in accordance with the student’s age, an appointment must be made by the student's parents for the English oral assessment stage to be conducted by the Academic Department specialist. 

Our Academic Department specialist will call you by phone on the day and time of your choice for the appointment to evaluate your English verbal skills and inform both the student and the student's parents in details about your enquiries and all our current programs suitable for the student's English level.

A fee is charged for any scheduled interview with the Academic Department specialist for oral assessments, needs analysis, academic orientation and/or further information about the course content and coursework. This fee is deducted from the total course fee when registered to the course.

For students who have not taken the Placement Exam and have not completed the English oral assessment stage, direct registration cannot be performed.

You can access the online placement test by clicking on the link: TAA ONLINE PLACEMENT TEST

These course programs and the information about the programs are admissible for the Turkish-American Association Headquarters located in Ankara Cinnah Street.

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