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Who Is This Course for?

If you need to improve your writing skills to achieve success at university either at under-graduate or post-graduate level, this course will help you develop your planning, drafting and editing skills which are essential when writing a dissertation or thesis. You will also practice techniques and language to give your written style a more formal and academic tone.

On This Course You Will:

Write essays that follow standard academic rules and conventions

Break down and analyze an essay in terms of its structural parts

Write good introductions and conclusions

Gain skills for proofreading, self-editing, revision, tone, and vocabulary

Develop strong English-language writing and communication skills

Learn to structure and organize a range of written texts

Learn phrases and vocabulary typical in academic writing

Course dates:

March 2, 2019 May 18, 2019

Course day and time:

Saturday13:00 – 15:50

Total course hours:

36 hours, 12 weeks

Course level:

At least B2 level