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Why Learn Turkish ?

Because the role of Turkey; positioned between Europe and Asia geographically, culturally and politically, is continuously expanding in the world. Learning Turkish will help you gain a wide cultural understanding and open up many doors to various career and business opportunities.

Learning Turkish will help you find a good place at a Turkish university. And above all, speaking Turkish will make your life much easier in Turkey.

Why Study in Turkey?

To learn a new language is always possible, but learning it in the country it is spoken is the most efficient way. A language experience is most valuable when it also includes immersion into the culture and lifestyle of the host country.

Why at TAA ?

With 64 years of experience in teaching languages, TAA offers programs designed to give students from all over the world the priceless experience of “living and learning” a language in its homeland.

Our students learn Turkish

  • In a friendly atmosphere,
  • In small sized classes,
  • Along with experienced, professional and enthusiastic teaching staff who is also highly aware of the importance of social and cultural activities in teaching a language,
  • By a student-centered interactive teaching method emphasizing speaking together with all skills of the language,
  • By getting to know the Turkish culture as well, while learning Turkish with the help of examples from real life situations and daily conversations,
  • At all levels together with homestay options, cultural activities, orientation tours and trips,
  • By having fun while learning.
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