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On July 15th, the Republic of Turkey encountered a terrorist attack which had never been witnessed in her history. Members of a terrorist organization disguised under a religious image infiltrated in many units of the state, directed weapons -which had been given to the Turkish Armed Forces by the Turkish Nation in the framework of the Constitution and laws- against the Turkish Armed Forces and the Turkish Nation acting on behalf of their terrorist organization. They attempted to annihilate the Constitution and were involved in such treason that they even bombarded the Turkish Grand National Assembly and did not even refrain from shooting civilians resisting against this terrorist attack on the streets. On the same night and the following day, the entire Turkish Nation, with its security forces, political parties, media, academia, civil society and each of its individuals stood hand in hand against this organization and its terrorist attacks. This glorious resistance which can rarely be seen in the history of world democracy is not only a source of pride for Turkey, but should also be admired and appreciated by each democrat in the world.

After this extraordinary terrorist attack hindered by an extraordinary resistance, State of Emergency was declared in Turkey by the Turkish Grand National Assembly in line with the Constitution in order to protect the Constitutional democracy in Turkey from facing other attacks by the same organization; and efforts are still being exerted to effectively fight against this organization in a legal context. The entire Turkish Nation is once again standing hand in hand as it once did on July 15th in its fight against this extremely dangerous organization.

On behalf of our Association founded under a special status in 1951 as a Turkish association, we first extend our condolences to the relatives of our citizens and members of the security forces who lost their lives in this glorious resistance, and wish those wounded a quick recovery. We gladly see that the oath administered to our public in the Sultanahmed public meeting in 1919 by Mrs. Halide Edib Adıvar, who is one of our founders, still remains in hearts: “We will not flee from any fear or hardship until the day Turkey obtains its freedom and the right to live. We swear under the history’s minarets crying for seven hundred years!” And we know that this resistance, which once again made us feel the honor of being a citizen of the Republic of Turkey, will claim its place as a glorious victory of democracy in the progression of our country towards the level of contemporary civilization that Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, the founder of our Republic, had pointed to our Nation as a target!

We believe that the Turkish Nation and State are not alone against these attacks in a century in which the importance of collaborative fight against terrorism by the entire world is comprehended and democracy emerges as the most important virtue in politics! With the U.S. taking the lead, the entire world siding with Turkey and the Turkish nation in their fight against this terroristic attack and the fight for democracy will strengthen this fight. We hope that our allies, the U.S in particular, will not refrain from empathizing with Turkey and cooperating at a level necessary within this process after the 15th of July on which its respectability as a democratic, secular and a social state of law with its country, nation and their indivisible integrity, as it was stated within the Constitution of the Turkish Republic, which has taken its place within the western values and systems, was recorded.

During this process, we, as the Turkish American Association, will continue to talk about the details of the attack that Turkey encountered and exert efforts to ensure that the world supports Turkey at the highest level. Our Nation, which has proven its strength on its own, will be stronger with its friends!

We hereby respectfully announce this to the public.

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