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  • COURSES DEPARTMENT: 0312 426 26 44 - 114 / 122
  • Arizona University and TAA Assist: +90542 292 41 42

EducationUSA Advising

In partnership with Department of State’s EducationUSA Program American Space Ankara offers in person or virtual advising about studying higher education in the US. High school and university students who are interested in studying in the US receive free information on everything from entrance exam to choosing the right university. Students also have access to latest test preparation materials in our Space such as ILETS, TOEFL, GRE and others.

Information about the US

Whether you are writing a research paper or learning how to use academic databases online, try our free eLibraryUSA tool at American Space Ankara. It is an online database with a vast amount of information, journal articles news sources, books, and magazines on a wide range of topics from history to science. It is especially useful for those of you studying in English or considering pursuing higher education in the United States.

English Language

Whether you are a student looking to improve your English skills or a teacher looking for high quality resources for your classroom, American Space Ankara is the right place for you. We offer books, CD’s and software for independent learning as we organize Movie Clubs, Debate Clubs or Book Clubs and more for those seeking to practice their English-speaking skills in the groups.

Community Engagement

Are you looking for a fun free community event to take part in? Check out your American Space’s calendar of events and come on over to celebrate American holidays, World International Days, attend art and book exhibits, take part in a activities, and more! You will make friends, practice your English, and learn about the United States in a welcoming and casual environment.

Science, Technology & Entrepreneurship Workshops

In our space, you can participate workshops and seminars about science, technology and entrepreneurship. Although for now we are not maker space, next year we are planning to have all the hardware such as 3d Printer or maker kits, to tinker your dreams.

Alumni Programs

Participants of U.S. Government-sponsored educational and cultural exchange programs (FLEX, UGrad, Fulbright, Muskie, Humphrey, IVLP etc.) meet at our American Space to share their experiences and hold clubs and American holiday celebrations. Parents and students, it is a great opportunity for you to hear firsthand stories from fellow Turkish and decide whether education in the U.S. is right for you. If you are a USG alumnus(a), you are encouraged to volunteer at our AS’s and incorporate them into your project ideas if you are applying for alumni grants.

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